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Visioning & Care Planning

End-of-Life Planning isn’t just for those who have received a critical or terminal diagnosis or for those who are actively dying.   This process is for anyone who has a deeper curiosity for remembering, recognising, and restoring death as a natural and sacred part of life.

Together, we’ll explore 5 key areas of life to create your personalised plan. I will support you through a reflective, conversational,  and relational journey to discover and open awareness to the things that you hold most precious in your heart and soul. 

Spiritual: Your spiritual beliefs and practices
Emotional: Grief, forgiveness, healing relationships
Physical: Comforting care of body and healing environments
Legacy: Life purpose review & gleaning life’s meaning
Practical After-Death Care: Care of the body and family after death

I offer an all-around service of spending time at any stage of life to create an end-of-life vision-plan to enable you to make the most of the time you have — discovering more of yourself and your dreams.

2022 Brochure

Call me for a 30 minute clarity conversation.

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