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End-of-Life Doula
Carol Wales Death Doula, End of Life Doula

We all have the right to die with dignity, and as an end-of-life doula, I provide emotional support to the dying and physical assistance to their caregivers.

End-of-Life Doulas are non-medical companions to the dying and their families.  Doulas do not take the place of hospice personnel; rather, they complement other services that a dying person and their family may be receiving, including hospice or palliative care.  They provide a wide range of holistic services, including physical, emotional, spiritual and practical support working with families from initial diagnosis through bereavement.

Using well-honed, instinctive listening, I offer spiritual and psychological support to those with challenging health issues or serious illnesses and assist with a person’s end-of-life journey and transition.


I assist in quieting the person’s mind beyond the present challenge in this fearful situation to find peace, reflection and comfort.


The process includes:

• Reflect on life, facilitate dialogue, and move from hopelessness to meaning through exploration.

• Mediation and advocacy honouring the dying person’s wishes

• Creating a safe space for family dynamics, grief, and forgiveness

• Provide family members with reassurance about expectations to help reduce uncertainty.

• Emotional support and companionship by having someone consistent  through this process

• Legacy support ensures the patient’s thoughts, hopes, and experiences are memorialized by creating something tangible that your loved ones can treasure.

• Education, information and resources give an idea of what to expect to help reduce uncertainty.

• Respite for caregivers by assisting with physical and practical care easing the burden.

• Vigil planning making sure that the patient's specific needs are being met


I offer in-person meetings, and phone or video calls - Hourly rate $60

Let's discuss what your needs are and I will build a customised support package.

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