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Intuitive Ceremonialist
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You know it’s time to release all the stories that have been programmed into you that have limited your connection to the Great Mother. The depth of your compassion swells in your chest, for you are here to be of great service. There is no other reason you were placed on this planet at this time but to devote yourself to the alchemical process and guide others to do the same.

You’ve cut through the illusion and with a sword in one hand and a chalice in the other - you know it is time to embrace your mystical nature and show the world how precise and breath-taking your medicine is.
Drink from the sacred well and walk through the portal to all of yourself being connected to the whole.

Every aspect of creating a ceremony is based on the person and their own thoughts at the time.  Each ceremony is unique, no two are the same, and each process allows for flow, reflection and collaboration.

I meet family members and listen to stories and memories about who your loved ones are and how they lived their lives. I will craft a ceremony which captures the essence of their life using nature, storytelling, music and whatever else arises.


I can co-create a ceremony for you and offer suggestions to make the service more personal and meaningful for you, in memory of your loved one.


Ceremonies can be: 

  • Lunar ceremonies

  • Farewell ceremonies, both before and after death (funeral)

  • Forgiveness ceremonies

  • Humanist funeral ceremonies

  • Memorial ceremonies

  • Reflection ceremonies

I offer in-person meetings, and phone or video calls - Hourly rates apply. 

Let's discuss what your needs are and I will build a customised ceremony.

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