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Compassionate Care Services

I’m there for those who are healthy, undergoing treatment for a serious illness, having hospice or palliative care, terminally ill, nearing death, a family caregiver or grieving the death of a family member or friend.


I support individuals and families to find meaning and peace in life and in death. 

Carol Wales End-of-Life Doula

End-of-Life Doula

Doula – Greek for “one who serves” is a non-medical person providing advice, information, emotional support, and spiritual and physical comfort to the dying and their families. 

Carol Wales Vision Planning

Vision Planning

This process for life or end-of-life is for anyone who has a deeper curiosity for remembering, recognising, and restoring death as a natural and sacred part of life.

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A ceremony is a reverent and intentional act that brings us closer to our innermost sense of knowing, always with the aim of honouring our own humanity as well as the humanity of all people.

Carol Wales C.A.R.E. Package

C.A.R.E. Package

It's time to bring back the light and celebrate the love that brings us together on the journey we call life and the journey we call death. 

I embrace inclusivity and diversity among us and acknowledge culture, spirituality, religion, age, ability, race, culture  and language.

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I see the divinity in each of those I work with.

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