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May we all return to the fullness of our souls, our promise to ourselves. Thank you.

Carol Wales Testimonials
Carol Wales Kind Words

A huge thanks for the wonderful impact you have had on mum’s life and ours.

While we are sorry that you won’t be part of mum’s and our lives anymore - we’re delighted that you’re making a great decision for yours.

Meeting you literally changed our lives. You understood what mum (and we!) were going through and coached us through it. Your warmth, care, understanding, kindness and support has been outstanding. You also introduced us to the amazing Sarah McM who has also made an amazing difference to the quality of mum’s life.

You’re an incredibly special person Carol, and whoever gets to work with you in the future is extremely lucky.

A heartfelt thanks from all the McGraths for the wonderful impact you have had on our lives - Cathie

Carol is loyal, loving, approachable, non-judgemental, thoughtful, meets you 'in the moment', spiritually aware , people-loving, friendly, humble, and grateful for small mercies.

A warm gentle soul who is always shining her bright light on situations and accepting of individual pain, vulnerability and suffering. A person you can rely upon to meet you spiritually in your darkest hour.  A private person who is somewhat discreet. Someone who wouldn't hurt a single creature.

I could keep on going on how positive you are and so uniquely wonderful! Mum always described you as her Christmas Angel- living up to your name Carol! – Maria

Carol can be described as, calm, good listener, not easily rattled and friendly and positive - glass half full kind of person, doesn't push own agenda. - Graeme

I cannot thank you enough for making Dad's final farewell so special.

You were incredibly organised and efficient but with a relaxed, unflappable demeanour that put everyone at ease. Because of that, we never felt pressured into hasty decisions, notwithstanding the obvious time pressures of the situation.

You expertly guided the family through one of the most difficult days of their lives, keeping us all focused on what mattered. In the process, your incredible patience, understanding and, above all, compassion shone through. These qualities, blended with just the right balance of humour and pragmatism, made you the ideal choice - for us and, I am sure, for Dad too. - Shaun

Carol came highly recommended to us from several sources when we were interviewing for the position of Care Giver for my late Mother, Elizabeth.

Carol dutifully carried out all aspects of her role to the highest level, showing amazing care, experience and empathy.

Carol related to my Mother very well whereas our previous experience showed that other caregivers of less ability seemed to struggle. After a short period of time, the family became very reliant on Carol in her role which at times demanded a high level of autonomy and decision-making for  Elizabeth’s welfare. We note also that my working relationship with Carol as my Mother’s Power of Attorney had to be, and was, very good.   Elizabeth and our immediate family became very fond of Carol and remain, grateful friends, today. - Peter

Carol Wales came into our lives at a very vital time during 2014-2015. She was a breath of fresh air and made us feel special and important. My dear mother was terminally ill with cancer at the time and was eventually transferred to Mercy Hospice where she spent her last few weeks of life.

My mother described Carol as her “Angel Carol” – a woman who played a vital role in my mother’s well- being and hope for life. We had the pleasure of meeting Carol through her work as a volunteer for Amitabha Hospice in Auckland at the time and she worked as a person who also visited people-her official role being called a ‘companion for the dying’. My mother was first introduced to Carol in July 2014- which was the beginning of a very special journey. She was a blessing for our family as I could always feel that my mum was in ‘safe hands’ and it gave me that ‘relief and peace of mind’ that I desperately needed – especially when I was mum’s main caregiver and our relationship was exceptionally close.

Carol would make a simple cup of coffee and chat into joy as we both knew her intentions were so genuine. She always spoke from the heart.   One of the last things mum shared with Carol was when she painted an Angel from her apartment. At that stage, mum was sight impaired and she said to me that she painted it when she was ‘virtually blind’. It was the most beautiful angel that I have ever seen- so tender and loving. Part of the painting was like a loving hand with an angel wing that caressed the angel’s shoulder- it reminded me of Carol- being like a loving caring cloak of tenderness but also with a unique strength. People like Carol are rare in this world and we were very fortunate to have met Carol and to receive her support and love during my mother’s end-of-life journey. Since my mother’s passing in 2015, Carol and I have remained in contact and have become close friends.

Carol Walls Testominal

This is a picture of the last painting my mother completed.

We are keeping the memory of my mum going.

Kindest regards - Maria Woodlock.

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