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End of Life Companion

Similar to birth doulas, end-of-life doulas are non-medical professionals offering emotional, spiritual, informational, and physical support  — not at birth, but at the other end of the spectrum of life — at death.  We work with those with serious illnesses who are facing death — and also with those who are healthy and just want to prepare for death.

2022 Brochure

I provide a unique and specialised service to assist with either a person’s end-of-life journey and transition, or with challenging health issues where people are seeking to find hope and meaning in their current situation. Using well-honed, instinctive listening, I offer spiritual and psychological support for the dying person on their journey, as well as being an advocate for them. I can assist in quieting the person’s mind beyond the present challenge and sometimes chaotic, fearful situations to find peace, meaningful reflection and comfort. 
On practical matters, doulas can advise on advance care directives, vigil planning and post-death options, and assist with life-review and legacy.  On more emotional matters, doulas can facilitate conversations about unresolved issues or complex family dynamics and offer space for the fears and uncertainties around death and dying. When we are prepared for death, we are better able to face it when the time comes.

Here are some ways I help:

  • Increase beauty, pleasure, and contentment

  • Comfort, support, and companionship 

  • Increase quality of life moments

  • Allow loved ones to focus on what’s most important

  • Guidance through the stages of the dying process

  • Advocate for the dying person

“Carol being there and being able to pick up on those times where Mum needed comfort or guidance was just so important to the quality of Mum's last year.”  — Peter Taylor    

from the NZ Herald article "Death Doulas: Providing comfort for those nearing the end of their lives".

[Read the short PDF version here]. [Go to the NZ Herald page with video here]


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