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Updated: Feb 26, 2022


Carol is a very warm and caring individual. She is very honest, perceptive and intuitive. The end of life plan was so extremely comprehensive and in depth and so helpful to me in understanding what I needed to do to be complete with my life. I highly recommend Carol's services. - Christina

Carol Wales invited me to participate in a series of meetings to explore end of life preparation and the ‘Best Three Months Care Plan’. The experience enabled a ‘deep dive’ into what I may face if/when I found myself in that situation. It provided personal insight and a better understanding of how to best prepare for my own end of life and that of my loved ones. Throughout the meetings Carol displayed excellent listening skills, genuine caring, empathy and understanding. The process is definitely emotional and one which brings to the fore many feelings we may be trying to ignore or not face. It was indeed a worthwhile experience and one which I valued deeply. I would recommend Carol as she is well trained in her field of expertise and offers a confidential, compassionate and caring approach. I encourage you to talk with Carol to find out for yourself how this course could help you and your loved ones. - Janice

Carol’s listening led me to my own wisdom. She listened beyond my words, past my tone and intonation, she listened right into my heart and really helped me understand myself and what I needed. If listening is the greatest gift you can give, Carol is generous indeed. So glad we found each other on the other side of the planet(I’m in UK she’s in NZ), through our work with the Conscious Dying Institute. - Bernadette

End of Life Doula

People like Carol are rare in this world and we were very fortunate to have met Carol and to receive her support and love during my mother’s end of life journey. Since my mother’s passing in 2015 Carol and I have remained in contact and have become close friends.

One of the last things mum shared with Carol was when she painted an Angel from her apartment. At that stage mum was sight impaired and she said to me that she painted it when she was ‘virtually blind’. It was the most beautiful angel that I have ever seen- so tender and loving. Part of the painting was like a loving hand with an angel wing that caressed the angel’s shoulder- it reminded me of Carol- being like a loving caring cloak of tenderness but also with a unique strength. -- Maria


During her time with Mum, Mum spoke of Carol’s lovely energy and loved the laughter and joy that she brought into a potentially gloomy time. Mum chose not to spend time dwelling on what was or what could be and Carol totally respected this which helped Mum tremendously. I believe they shared many a great conversation discussing issues about the heart, healing and love.

It was not easy to have faith in a perfect stranger to look after Mum given her declining physical situation and knowing how much Mum only wanted me to be there, but Carol was so respectful of my instructions and Mum’s sense of who she was, that we were quickly put at ease knowing that Carol would act accordingly if any situation arose during her stay.

I cannot speak highly enough of the dedication and empathy that Carol had for Mum, myself and my siblings when they were present. We all felt very comfortable with the knowledge that Mum was cared for and more importantly enjoyed having Carol’s bubbly and sensitive personality present on her allocated nights.

Everything Carol did was carried out to the letter with dedication and trust and I would highly recommend her to anyone who was in the unfortunate situation that I was in to need help and a break whilst giving full palliative care to a parent, family or close friend.

In closing, I feel that I need to add that during this unique awful time, Carol became someone that I relied on to chat to and talk to during a very personal and private time and I will always hold close in my heart and give thanks that we met Carol and the help she gave me. -- Libby


Also thank you for the dedication to both roles you undertook recently - accepting the companionship support role to Cheryl to help her get through the challenges of her medical treatment programme and also taking on the extra role to assist Gerri venture into taking some first steps towards piecing together her life history. By all accounts you established a good rapport with Cheryl and your connection with her will be ongoing following your shift to Tauranga. -- Christina


We were delighted to have such comprehensive care for Roger - even feeding him so well, and great company. -- Roger and Joy


Carol is a very caring and empathetic lady. She is very honest and we enjoyed being able to leave her alone in Elizabeth’s house with total peace of mind. Carol possesses excellent organisation skills and these extended to managing outsourced carers and often on her days off. Carol is very personable, dedicated, professional and has a lovely demeanour. She was very loyal to us and kept all aspects of our dealings confidential. She carries out all aspects of her day to day with confidence and ability.

After a short period of time the family became very reliant on Carol in her role which at times demanded a high level of autonomy and decision making for Elizabeth’s welfare. We note also that my working relationship with Carol as my Mother’s Power of Attorney had to be, and was, very good. Elizabeth and our immediate family became very fond of Carol and remain grateful friends today. -- Peter

Celebrant Role Testimonials

I cannot thank you enough for making Dad’s farewell so special. You were incredibly organised and efficient but with a relaxed unflappable demeanour that put everyone at ease. Because of that, we never felt pressured Into hasty decisions, notwithstanding the obvious time pressures of the situation.

You expertly guided the family through one of the most difficult days of their lives. Keeping us all focussed on what mattered. In the process, your incredible patience, understanding and, above all, compassion shone through. These qualities, blended with just the right balance of humour and pragmatism, made you the ideal choice – for us and, I am sure, for Dad too. -- Shaun


Carol was the celebrant at our mothers’ funeral. Carol has rare qualities not often seen. Her deep compassion, empathy and caring nature cocoon you in a sense of love and support. She leads you to access past memories to come up, which allows the very essence of your loved one to be shared by all on the day.

Always respectful adding the small touches to create a day to remember. My sister and I had so many comments: how lovely the day was and what a wonderful funeral. Carol captured my mothers’ essence we will always cherish the memories. I would have no hesitation in recommending Carol. I would gladly seek her services again. -- Carole

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