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With a broad range of skills and capacities gathered over 20 years, I support individuals and families to find meaning and peace in life and in death.  I work alongside those who are seeking comfort and guidance after trauma or a difficult diagnosis.  I  also work with those preparing for the end of life, or actively leaving this world as we know it.


I had the privilege of caring for my mother while she was in care for some 10 years when her memory suffered.  This enhanced my desire to assist people in meaningful ways, and to make sure no one is facing death alone.

No matter what your age, culture or spiritual belief, I am here for you.  I hold a deep, wide space for you to discover and express whatever is present for you.  The openness and creativity in me allow solutions to come through.  When it seems appropriate, I offer them for you to consider.   I draw strength from my Dalmation, Scottish and English heritage each of which has helped make me who I am.   In all my work, I am here with the greatest desire to support and guide you along your journey.

2022 Brochure

"Carol’s listening led me to my own wisdom. She listened beyond my words, past my tone and intonation, she listened right into my heart and really helped me understand myself and what I needed. If listening is the greatest gift you can give, Carol is generous indeed. So glad we found each other on the other side of the planet (I’m in UK she’s in NZ), through our work with the Conscious Dying Institute."
— Bernadette's testimonial (Conscious Dying Coach)


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Reach Out To Me

Please feel free to phone, email or use the Contact page.  You can also connect via Facebook or Linkedin too:  And for the tech savvy, try the "Let's Chat" box in lower righthand corner.
If I'm busy, it may take awhile.  I'm sure you will understand.

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