Our hands imbibe like roots,
So I place them on what is beautiful in life.
And, I fold them in prayer, and they draw from the heavens, light.
— St Francis of Assisi

Carol Wales — End of Life Companion

"love knows not it's own depth, until the hour of separation"  — Kahlil Gibran

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Welcome.  I am an end of life companion / doula with a broad range of skills. 

Ultimately, all of my work is about holding space for people to experience a peaceful transition in whatever way, that presents to them.   I now have over 15 year's experience in working alongside those that are leaving this world, as we know it.

It has been an interesting journey. I grew up on the shores of the Manukau Harbour and found, at an early age, a deep connection to plants and the sea.   Great joy, came from touching the lives of people from many different cultures, including my own Dalmation heritage.  I realised, I had the ability to sense people's needs, and that has allowed me to assist others, in a profound way.

This life journey, has taken me to many different countries, including a long spell working in England.   Couple this with a wide range of skills including herbal medicine, aromatherapy, end of life (in many forms), funeral celebrations, and working with mental health clients in their homes has created a rich tapestry, of real world, as well as qualified, experience.

My personal mission, is to assist people in meaningful ways. It has been greatly enhanced by the privlege of caring for my own mum, while she was in care for some 10 years, when her memory changed.  What a gift, she gave me.

This wonderful experience, has nourished me, and has provided a depth of love and understanding, for those I serve... 

"So here I am, with the greatest of desire (Latin meaning for desire: Awake what the stars shall bring); and to accompany the dying through their process, their way, whatever that looks like, to them."



"Where love meets uncertainty, I am there."

Carol Wales has earned a reputation in this area, that only her client's can tell.

The New Zealand Herald video and article in the blog below lets you have a little insight.
I can work remotely by phone, by the hour, if initially, you just need some oversight and guidance.

"Vulnerable we are, like an infant. We need each other's care, or we will suffer." — St Catherine of Sienna.



Conscious Dying Coach with Conscious Dying Institute, Colorado

Kalandra – Certificate of Palliative Support Level 4


Diploma of Clinical Massage: 
Level 6: Relaxation and Wellness Massage,
Level 5: New Zealand College of Massage

Peaceful Passing – Amitabha Hospice

Healing Touch Level 1, 2, 3, 4

Oncology Massage Module One


Fundamentals of Palliative Care, New Zealand Hospice – North Shore

Hospice Volunteer Long Service

The principles of Aromatic Touch and Practical Touch for feet and hands

Accompanying the Dying with Deanna Cochran

Reiki Master, Level 1, 2 and 3

Amitabha Hospice Caregiver training course


Certificate in Celebrant Studies

Doula Services:
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End of Life Doula

Qualified Doula & Celebrant

I will offer a quiet, listening presence, and deep compassion at the closing hours. In preparation,

I assist with Advance Directives and funeral preparations. Ill be alongside loved ones, family and friends helping them navigate this sacred journey.

Peaceful Passing

There every step of the way

Peaceful passing companions are special volunteers who have been trained to give spiritual support to people of any religion, or no religion, when they are facing the end of their life or a serious health issue, that brings up those life questions.


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"I am made whole by your life.
Each soul completes me".
— Hafiz