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Throughout time people have had ceremonies as a way to honour, celebrate, mourn and/or process.  As a Ceremonialist, I hear, sense/feel, and know the need for ceremony and collective acknowledgement.

Every facet of creating a ceremony is based on the person(s) and what is arising from themselves at the time.  Each ceremony is unique, no two are alike, each  process allows flow, is reflective and collaborative.

2022 Brochure

Would you like to hold a “living completion ceremony” with your family and friends before you pass? Have an intimate funeral ceremony at home, and/or a funeral or memorial ceremony for the whole community? 

Authentic and meaningful ceremonies can bring about a sense of support, connection and  belonging within the community. The ceremonies I co-create, with the people I am privileged enough to work with are born out of an emergent process of deep conversation, listening, reflecting and imagining.  I will craft a ceremony which captures the essence of you or your loved one using nature, storytelling, music and whatever else arises.

A ceremony is a reverent and intentional act that brings us closer to our innermost sense of knowing, always with the aim of honouring our own humanity as well as the humanity of all people.


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